Rabu, 18 Maret 2020

Will Tencent Develop Games with Nintendo Characters?

Tencent  will build a Nintendo-style game, as reported by the Wall Street Journal page recently. The news was revealed by an unnamed Tencent official, that the company would make a game console for the US and Europe.

 Develop Games with Nintendo Characters

The Chinese giant will make a game console with Nintendo characters by learning the essence of console game makers from Nintendo engineers. This is certainly not easy because Nintendo is famous for protecting its culture and IP, to preserve the experience for gamers.

However, on the one hand this partnership makes sense, because Tencent and Nintendo already have a corporate bond, which began earlier this year. Both work together with the intention of selling the Switch in China, where consoles (and games in general) are tightly regulated.

Nintendo has made tentative steps to allow others to play with the game slot online , especially when China is involved. Several Wii and GameCube games were published in China for NVIDIA Shield, including New Super Mario Bros (Wii) and The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.

Likewise, Nintendo has made mobile games, including Super Mario Run, with the developer DeNa. Not to mention that it allows Ubisoft to make Mario + Rabbids.

Tencent's position of strength in the gaming industry is also interesting, because it has become the largest gaming company in the world by revenue. Coupled with the presence of major US publishers and developers, including Riot Games, Epic Games, Activision Blizzard, PUBG Corp, Ubisoft, Supercell and Miniclip.