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This Italian Made Machine Is Able To Produce 10,000 Plastic Brooms per Day

 This Italian-Made Machine Is Able To Produce 10,000 Plastic Brooms per Day

The Indonesian Plastics and Rubber Exhibition was held from 16-19 November 2016 at the Jakarta International Expo, Kemayoran, Jakarta. One of the products on display is a plastic broom making machine that is distributed by agents and distributors of PT Bilplast Grapindo.

One of the machines on display is an Italian plastic broom making machine. The machine processes recycled materials, such as used bottles, to become brooms.

The plastic broom is made from used bottles of drinking water later. In addition, the blocks which are used as a place to stick their fur are made of recycle material as well.

"Bilplast showed off a plastic broom making machine from recycled materials , utilizing the broom hair made from used PET drinking water bottles. It could also be said that almost all of the items were taken from recycling because of the matter of garbage, we processed them into items that could be used daily. the day includes a broom, brush, "said Bilplast Grapindo's Managing Director, Billy Tjang, at JIExpo, Central Jakarta,

In a day, this machine is capable of producing 10,000 brooms per day. However, with the current 10,000 engine capacity, according to Billy, he is still unable to meet the needs of the local broom. According to him, when compared to countries like Malaysia the number of machines in circulation is still very small.

"The production capacity of 10,000 brooms per day. This is not enough because the need for this machine may be compared to Malaysia. The number of machines in circulation is still small. It is estimated that to meet the needs of the market in Indonesia, it needs about 30 more units," Billy said.

By using recycled products it has been able to produce products of international quality. However, because the number of needs in the country has not been met, he said that local producers cannot export. However, according to him it is actually possible if the product is exported even though it uses recycle material .

"Possible because not only in Indonesia, but on average generally depends on the market because the need if used for sweeping, do not see the use of recycle material.or not, the important thing is that the quality can be used for export. We only supply machines, but the availability of brooms in the local market is not enough. many people understand the injection market but some don't understand marketing the broom, "said Billy.

Some companies that have used this machine such as Maspion, Lion Star, Nagoya, and Dragon.