Senin, 24 Februari 2020

Great Coding, Boy 10 Years Steal the Attention of Google and Michelle Obama

Samaira Mehta may be like a 10 year old child in general. Through an Instagram account, we can see daily activities such as selling lemonade, swimming, and dancing.

However, there are interesting things from Mehta. The girl who is good at coding turned out to be the founder and inventor of CoderBunnyz.

CoderBunnyz is a  board game  that teaches the players, namely children aged 4 years and over about the concept of coding programs.

Through this game, children are asked to direct rabbits to eat carrots. However, to eat carrots they are invited to think, in this case making code that can smooth the rabbit's way to its destination.

"CoderBunnyz in general teaches all concepts needed in computer programs to children," Mehta said quoted by CNBC on Tuesday (4/30/2019).

He added, in this game children are taught the basic concepts of coding such as sorting, loop concept requirements , functions, stack , queue, list, and others.

Learn Coding Since 7 Years
Mehta said he began conceptualizing the board when he was 7 years old. That was done when the father, who was an engineer, taught him how to code .

As he attempts to code , he notices that there are gaps in the market for products that help children learn computer programming.

He started by sketching out the game. Then with the help of his family, Mehta connected with graphic designers and game producers in China and New Zealand. After exchanging emails, Mehta chose the product he thought was right.

"My family is very involved in this business," he said.

Where, the mother watches marketing and social media while her younger brother tests the gym.

Second Gim

After refining the CoderBunnyz game, Mehta also made a second game called CoderMindz. This game is a board game that teaches children about the concept of artificial intelligence through the Java programming language.

"I love coding very much . I want other kids to feel the same way, because coding is a pastime and in this world the work will depend, in 10 or 15 years," Mehta said.

He added, if children want to learn coding now, later as adults they can make coding ( engineer ) as an opportunity for a career.

So far, he has posted revenues of USD 200 thousand (equivalent to Rp 2.8 billion) since April 2018 and sold 6,000 CoderBunyz board games . Mehta returned to invest his money in the game, saved money for college, and donated the rest.

He also sells the game over the internet and stores it in the garage. At the beginning of this game, Mehta and his family were overwhelmed by handling incoming orders.

But then he started to have a team that helped with packing problems and Amazon began to help him sell.

This thriving small business makes Mehta ogled by leading technology companies like Facebook, Microsoft, to Intel. The reason, Mehta had the opportunity to fill out workshop materials for the families of employees and their children about coding.

However, the most fun is Mehta the opportunity to meet with Google's Chief Cultural Officer, Stacy Sullivan.

"He said, if I grow up, I might be able to work at Google, if I want. He also said, I might be able to have my own company," said Mehta who was happy to meet with Sullivan.

Mehta also said, Sullivan inspired him to work harder.

Not only that, Mehta also had the spirit of the former first lady of the United States, Michelle Obama. In 2016, Michelle Obama once wrote a letter to the 10-year-old girl.

"It was very cool to be able to receive letters from him. He encouraged me to continue to work hard and I was an inspiration to many people," he said.

Currently, the 10-year-old girl is still focused on making CoderBunnyz both successful and at school. He said, going forward to study at his dream campus namely Stanford University and reach his dream as an entrepreneur.

"Now I have become an entrepreneur. But I want to expand it into an entrepreneur who is able to help others and the community," he said.